Monday’s Word-Isaac For Ishmael

Monday’s Word
Isaac For Ishmael
Genesis 17:17-21

I think I can make this statement with surety…God will do things at His time. There you have it in black and white, no gray areas…straight to the point, wouldn’t you say? Why do we have to take the reins and “help” God’s time to come quicker? (This may not be one of those feel good messages…just putting it out there). Now, God has promised us a mate, a job, a home, etc., and because He is not moving fast enough, we take matters in OUR hands. Do you understand the implications of doing something out of timing (season)? Do you know that something can be so messed up and you will definitely HAVE to live with it? Do you know that when you rush God’s timing, you are acting like your father Abraham? Even in rushing or trying to, the thing God wants to do WILL be done?

God promised Abram (Abraham) a son and said in the appointed time He would bless him. He was up in age and believed God but figured his time was wrong. After consulting with his wife Sarai (Sarah), she told him (paraphrased) “listen, I’m barren and old; go and sleep with my maid, Hagar…that it may be the heir” (reference Genesis 16). This is what happens when we jump the gun. God didn’t tell Abe that He would give him a son through his wife’s maid. We have to be careful not to be influenced when God has given YOU the plan. If we tell someone the plan, tell them you don’t need a plan for the plan. After the child was conceived, Sarah knew she made a mistake (Gen. 16:5). The person may mean well and have good intentions, but are still operating out of the Will of God. Tell them you want Isaac, not Ishmael.

Now that his first born, Ishmael is here, both of them (Abraham and Sarah) are catching hell. When rushing God’s timing, you bring chaos to a controlled situation. Hagar gave Abraham what he was “promised”, but the wrong way. Now, she had her boss over the barrel. Can’t you see her throwing “her child” in front of Sarah and she couldn’t do a thing? “This is something you wanted…YOU made this happen”; yes the battle lines have been drawn. NOW, she wants Hagar gone…but she made it. It is an uncomfortable position when it is not the will of God. Tell them Isaac is the one, not Ishmael that you want.

God came back and said again to Abraham, I will make you father of nations and will bless your seed. Through an exchange of words, Abraham said (paraphrased) “please bless Ishmael” and God said (paraphrased) “I will establish my covenant with Isaac…that’s my timing. I will bless Ishmael too, BUT MY covenant is with Isaac”. Even in all this Abraham still wanted more for his mistake…he couldn’t let it go. How many of us are still holding on to something that was not “ordained” by God? But going further, some of us see the Isaac in an Ishmael. He has certain characteristics and he can be a good man, but he’s not your man. She looks good and knows what she wants, but what she is, you can’t have…she belongs to another. The job looks good, but don’t go there it’s not for you. Some of us are in an Ishmael place now, that we “thought” this was something God wanted for us. How did it get so messed up? It was your timing, not God’s. He’s telling you Isaac is here…whatcha doing with Ishmael?

Abraham and Sarah had the Ishmael experience for 14 years before Isaac was born; how long have you been in your experience? How long will you ask God to bless him when He wants to give you Isaac? Isaac is HIS promise, His prophecy, His covenant…not Ishmael. Let Ishmael go; He has something better. Ishmael is going to drive you crazy…glory to God. I don’t want to be around princes when I can be in line with the King…Thank You Jesus. Stop substituting a counterfeit for a covenant. Ishmael has some things, but Isaac has better things. Let go of Ishmael and take Isaac.



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