Monday’s Word-Precept Upon Precept

Monday’s Word
Precept Upon Precept
Isaiah 28:9-10

9 Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts.
 10  For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:

There are many that want to learn various things in their lives. As kids, may of us learned how to ride our bikes or schoolyard games. At home, we learned the basic necessities to get us out of the house and later chores. In school, we learned the right way to spell and say various words, then to write them in complete sentences and so on. Just as we have learned various things in life, we must learn to study the Word of the Most High the same way. First, we must be able to handle the Word and not be dependent on others to feed us. Isaiah is telling us in order for us to be ready to receive knowledge we have to be weaned off of the breast milk. Meaning, we have to be prepared to receive more than the basics. It’s time to get and go deeper in the Word for the members of the body that have been in the body for a while. There should not be someone who has been in school for 12 years to only know basic addition and subtraction. Same as with the Word of God. We should not have been a follower of Christ and not know more of Him. I order to progress one must be able to know more, obtain more, and retain more. There are yet still some seasoned followers that are still on the breast. Familiar stories that make you shout or dance are dealing with your emotions and not your mind. Get of the breast and get some real food…even a baby from time to time will want to eat.

Next, we must learn to search and research the Word of God to know the Word of God. He knows what He wants to convey and has done so for a while now. Isaiah says “for precept must be upon precept”. Meaning a commandment will be with a commandment. When the Most High spoke with the Israelites, He told them a thing then gave them the reason and consequence. For example, Leviticus 7:27 KJV says, “Whatever soul it be that eateth any manner of blood, even that soul shall be cut off from his people.” The precept is any soul that eats of blood, he will be cut off; but what soul is it referring to? Later in the chapter we see in 17:12 it says, “Therefore I said unto the Children of Israel, no soul of you shall eat blood, neither shall any stranger that sojourneth among you eat blood.” Which explains that the Children of Israel AND any person that came with them shall not eat any blood. Lastly, Deuteronomy 12:16 states tell them how they should dispose of the blood “Only ye shall not eat of the blood; ye shall pour it upon the earth as water.”

In order to get the full understanding of what the Most High wants, we must understand His Word. Precept upon precept, line by line, find some in this place of the Bible and in that place. But you must get ready and become independent of others. He can’t feed you if you are not ready.



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