Tuesday’s Word-Do Not Pass Me By

Tuesday’s Word
Do Not Pass Me By
Luke 10:30-35

“Give me all you got…NOW. Now take off your clothes.”
“Please don’t harm me. I’m on my way to…” He receives a blow to the head.
“I don’t care where you are going. What should we do with him?” The robber asked as the other continued to beat the man.
“Get everything and hurry up…let’s get out of here.”

Laying half dead on the side of the road and drifting in and out of consciousness, the man can’t move nor muster out a sound.

“Here comes a man that looks like a priest; surely he will stop to help me…what? He is just looking from afar. He didn’t even come to see if I was okay.” Then he blacks out.

As he comes to, he sees another man coming. “Ah, here is a kinsmen. I know he will stop, we trade all the time with his people. He’s coming closer…I’m not dead, I need help. Aww, c’mon now…why are you leaving me here?”

“Here comes another man, I hope he…thank you, he has stopped.”

As the man blacks out again, this man begins to dress his wounds, picks him up and places him on his animal, then takes him to a place of rest. The man doesn’t know how long he had been there, but he goes to the innkeeper and speaks with him.

“Good day, Sir.”
“Good day, how are you feeling now?”
“I feel a lot better, how long have I been here, what happened?”
“There was a certain man that brought you in here. He told me to take care of you and if you needed anything else, to let him know when he comes back. You, sir, were in bad shape. It was good that he didn’t pass by you on the highway…you may not have made it.”

This man had an encounter with three different men. The first was a priest; this man had come down the road by chance. He had a chance to be a blessing to this man and decided to go on the other side of the road. The beaten man didn’t look like the priest wanted him to, maybe he didn’t want to get his priest suit dirty or just maybe since this was his first time down the road, no one would see him NOT help the man so he held his head up and went on. Some people have a chance to help you but just will not do it. Maybe because of position, maybe they do not want to be associated with you or just maybe their TRUE character will come out. But even so, they have a chance. Be careful, if you are in a position to help and decide not to, like the priest. Do not pass me by.

The second man, like the first, came by the man, but he decided to go a step further and took a closer look. He could see the bumps and bruises that the man had. He could see the blood trickling down from his brow. He could place his hand near the nostrils and see the man was still breathing. He could have given the man some clothes to put on, but instead he left on the other side and walked away. Some people that are close to you will leave you on the side of the road. I know you don’t believe me…”noooo, not my family” you say? Get in a place where you are down and be there for a while. Get in a place where, like this man, you don’t have a thing and need them to pick you up. They know your struggles, but still…they know what he/she is taking you through, but still…they know your kids are without food and clothes, but still. Paul asked, how can you say you love God and never seen him, but not your brother (1 John 4:20)? Family, DO not pass me by.

The third man was a “certain” man; he was special. When he saw the young man, he did as the one before and had love for the man. He saw the things the man before had seen and instead of leaving him or the feeling of disgust, he felt sympathy. He didn’t see the man, he saw a husband and father, he saw a son and a brother. He saw one of God’s creatures in trouble and his duty to help him. People come in your life and people go, but it takes someone special to come in the place you are in. There is a special man that is waiting on you now. He wants to take care of the wounds you have, he wants to carry you to a place of rest. He is very capable of taking care of you…and he loves you too much. Just call on His name, He won’t pass you by.



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