Monday’s Word-It Wasn’t The Nails

Monday’s Word
It Wasn’t The Nails
John 18:31-40
Hebrews 10:4, 9-12

Imagine being before you were born (yes, before) that you are to sacrifice yourself for other people. You are told how you will sacrifice and what will happen; how even though you have done this, some still will not take heed. You have amazed many with your knowledge and confused others; saved, healed, and delivered a few more…not to mention fed a few thousand people a few times. Now the time has come and your hour is at hand…you must go through with your mission but you are getting afraid. You ask that this very thing be taken from you and when you get the answer, you are at peace with it and go through with the mission. You are finally captured, tortured, beaten, and spat upon. You are told to take up a cross on your back and walk through the streets; the streets that once rang out praises you, now they are condemning you. You haven’t done a thing wrong, but yet you are hanging among thieves. Even when you are about to give up your last breath, one of the men looks and says “IF you are really on this mission and you are who you say you are…save yourself and us”. Yes, you could have come down from the cross, but it wasn’t the nails keeping you there.

Someone maybe feeling like they are going through to be going through. You have been in a situation and it feels like everyone has turned their backs on you…but it’s not for your benefit that you are there. Some have done the things God has asked, but even in that, people still fail to “get it”…but it’s not for you. You have been beaten with insults, tortured by broken promises, spat on from the mouth of hatred but it’s is not for you. You have asked God to take it away, but He has you there for a reason. You MUST go through this so that HE can get the glory. It’s not the nails that are keeping you there, but it is the love that He has for others. You may not realize who is watching you until it is over…but it is love that is holding you up. I know you want to give up, but hold on just a little while. He is sending his angel to give you strength to endure. He loves you so much that He wants others to come to Him by using you.



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