Wednesday’s Word-Unrestricted Praise

Wednesday’s Word
Unrestricted Praise
Luke 19:37-40

What an effect Jesus can have on people. A rock star before the genre, Jesus would walk into a place and immediately people began to praise Him for the things they have SEEN and what He had done. Even when people tried to block His praises He would be able to get the praise. Be the profound statement that was made is in verse 40…(paraphrasing it) “don’t worry about it…if you even did something to the people and they couldn’t praise ME, the rocks would begin to praise when they stopped.

God will get the praise out of anything. Why are we sitting back and letting others praise Him for our victory? Someone asked me why do I praise God…I mean, you can’t be living such a victorious life or you would be a millionaire. I had to tell them that money isn’t everything. I don’t have everything that I want, but I have everything that I need. But I had to go a little deeper and tell them that 10 1/2 years ago, I wasn’t supposed to be here, 7 years prior, I wasn’t supposed to make it out of surgery, 22 years prior, I wasn’t making it to the next day. Man had given up on my and had already preached my burial before my last breath. But God had other plans for me; if you can’t praise Him for something in your life, give Him praise for mine. Glory to Your Name God. Then the flood gates began to open…I tell you that when I finished, they were praising God for every little thing they had been through.

It’s the unrestricted praise…the praise that you hold nothing back. The praise that you don’t care who or what is around…the praise that will make the spark turn into the flame. When we give an unrestricted praise, I tell you that we usher ourselves in the presence of God because it is untamed. It is so radical…you do have to have an order, but you let yourself go. Give God an unrestricted praise today.



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