Tuesday’s Word-Misunderstood

Tuesday’s Word
John 18:31-40

There was a young man that grew up very peculiar. He didn’t do the things that everyone else did as a kid. While other little children were playing, he would be working with his dad in the yard. He didn’t have the finer things in life and his clothes sometimes were worn twice in a week. He only had two pairs of shoes, sneakers and a dress shoe, but it didn’t bother him. Although he didn’t have these things, he was a happy child and very intelligent. He could answer almost any question with a blink of an eye. His peers would laugh at him outside of the classroom, but in the class would gaze in awe as he would teach some of the classes he was attended, with his teacher’s permission. When he spoke, he would teach to make it simple that a baby could understand. One day, the principal passed by the class, saw him teaching, and asked the teacher what was going on. The teacher said that he was explaining something to the students and they couldn’t get it. But this young man began to explain it and it was so simple for them to pick it up, I told him to continue. When he spoke to people, he rarely spoke to degrade anyone, but to leave them wondering, “how could he be like this?” He didn’t really hang out with a lot of people and had a select group of people that would talk with him. But he did have some people that just didn’t like the type of person he was. They have gone to school together for some years now and just had a distaste for him for no fault of his own. They tried to get him into trouble, but couldn’t seem to do it. He graduated top of his class (of course) and had major plans to attend a prestigious university to further his education. But one particular night changed all of his plans.

While meeting with his group of men, a fight broke out in the area. The young men that didn’t like him were involved and someone was shot and killed. As the groups began to disband, the young man ran into the person that committed the crime. The blood was on the young man and shortly, both were caught by the police and taken into the station. The news traveled that this young man was involved in a crime. The group of men that didn’t like him finally got what they wanted. The member (which did the shooting and a former friend of him) was told to pin the murder on him. As both were tried for murder, the young man’s friends were not there to witness for him. However, the former friend was given alibi after alibi of his whereabouts. After everyone had closed the case, the judge asked to speak to the young man in private. While talking with the judge, he asked the young man, how could he be involved with a crime like this and if not, why didn’t he speak up for himself. The young man told the judge that it was not up to him to speak up for him. He had told the truth and that’s all he can say. “I guess I have been misunderstood for a purpose.”

As they returned to the courtroom, the judge told them that he didn’t see how it was possible for this young man to commit the crime, but the case was in the hands of the jury. The jury rendered a judgment of guilty for the young man with a sentence to death, but let the real criminal go home a free man. Through all of this, he didn’t say a word and die the death of a criminal without committing a crime.

Jesus, by all accounts, lived a fairly good life. He was a son of a carpenter and surely learned the trade at a young age. But his focused changed around a young age, when He was teaching in the synagogue and told his parents he had to be about his Father’s business (Luke 2:49). After being baptized, he and his friends began to hang out, but He had a group that didn’t like Him. They tried everything they could to get Him into trouble, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, with the help of a “lost friend” the group finally got their hands on Him and were able to take Him before Pilate. Here is a man that was the King of the Roman Empire and was judging the King of the Jews. While he heard every reason to sentence Jesus to die, he didn’t see any reason to do it. Even his wife told him to leave this man alone (Matthew 27:19). He told the people that he didn’t find a reason to kill him, but they could decide what they wanted to do. They chose to set free a criminal (John 18:38-40).

But in all of this Jesus knew He was born for one purpose; to save a dying world. He didn’t say a word from the beating he received the night before to the walk to the hill. He knew that some wouldn’t believe anything He said, but He tried. He knew that His friends would leave Him during that time, but He went on. He knew that even explaining what would happen to Him would not be easy for His friends to take, but He told them. He understood that He would be misunderstood, but it was for His purpose.



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