Monday’s Word-It’s Over

Monday’s Word
It’s Over
1 Corinthians 15:57

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

There have been some things that have gotten you down. I know that it is raining cats and dogs on your parade. I know it feels like you can’t win for losing, but it is okay. You have to go through some things to make you stronger, faster, better than your previous self. When an athlete is training, he (or she) must build up the muscles to accomplish the feat. In doing this, there is a training process that the coach takes the athlete through. While going through this process, the athlete may feel like giving up. The athlete may feel the pain in certain areas, but when he (or she) has done enough reps, the pain seems to leave. When they have accomplished the training to take on the event, the pain is non-existent. My brothers and sisters it is time to forget about the pain, because that situation is over now.

I understand what you are saying, but why do I have to go through all the time? Have you heard that too much that is given much is required; do you understand that your situation maybe to strengthen others that have not made it there yet? Stop being selfish over something that doesn’t pertain to you! Yes you have been suffering, yes you are going through, and yes you have ends not meeting, but when God brings you out…look out. Everybody (or most people) loves the rain at one point…when it’s gone. But the rain HAS to come in order for things to live. People can’t stand the beginning of the rain, because they don’t know how long it will take. While in the rain, they wish it will leave but when the rain is gone look at how things brighten up. Look at the flowers that once were swaying with uncertainty now rising up to catch the rays of the sun. Look at the birds that were taking shelter now giving a song of praise. Look at the ground that was once thirsty now have more to drink and give to the soil to produce the things we need. The passing of the storm is saying to us that it is over now.

You are now at the point where the rain is ceasing. You look around and you see the puddles of discord. You see where the wind storms have taken your trust down, the waters have drenched your peace and the umbrella of protection is battered and torn. But know that it has passed…it’s over now. You have weathered the storm and it’s time for the sun to shine. It’s okay to smile, because it’s over. Go ahead and laugh a little, it’s over. I know they will think you are crazy, but it’s over. You are reminding yourself that you have been through; you understand that you stood the test. You are accounting for the damage but praising your destiny, it’s over now. Move on to your place, take off those wet clothes and put on your dry things. Take off those boots and put on your golden shoes. Raise your voice, not in anguish but in joy that He has done it before and HE has done it again…it’s over now.



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