Tuesday’s Word-Listen and Learn

Tuesday’s Word
Listen and Learn
Job 6:24

“Teach me, and I will hold my peace; and cause me to understand wherein I have erred.” Amplified Bible

Have you ever had a person or know of a person that makes an excuse for everything? If you tell them their tie is not straight, they will tell you their mate hugged them and knocked it that way. If they didn’t complete an assignment at work, the co-worker didn’t do their part. Don’t forget about the infamous “the dog ate my homework” when the piece was missing to give to the teacher. The problem is this person has yet to learn how to listen and learn.

In order to learn you have to be able to listen, with your ears and not your mouth, and understand the error you have made. Think back to grade school when you were given a pop quiz or test. Some you were able to correct the mistakes and receive “credit” for doing so. The mistakes you made on the test, you were able to re-work the problem and correct your mistake. BUT, you had to LISTEN to the teacher. They held the key to get you to the correct place. They were able to point out the mistake and get you back on track. You couldn’t out-talk the teacher to get your point across. But when you shut up and open your ears, you were able to learn from the mistake.

God knew that we would error on our way. He knew that some tests, we wouldn’t pass. But He was so gracious to give us mercy. But some of us haven’t learned how to shut up. We still blame mama for the way we are. We say it was daddy’s fault that we can’t feel a certain way. We say our friend hurt us and we can’t love that way again. All we have to do is shut up; His love is more than the pain you have gone through…but you can’t learn if you can’t listen. Keep your mouth closed long enough to let your ears hear. Get an understanding; listen and learn.



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