Wednesday’s Word-The Love of His

Wednesday’s Word
The Love of His
John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Imagine you have a son…this is your only son. You know that he has greatness, because he is a part of you. You know that he has great skills and talents, he is a people person and he will tell it like it is in a respectful yet truthful way. He stands out in a crowd and people gravitate toward him. He has a lot of followers, but he has a select few that he can call friends. When he speaks, he can control a crowd and some would even say he can walk on water. With a touch of his hands, people feel better and when they touch even a piece of his clothes, things change. Men in position seek him and religious rulers still away in the night to talk with him. He was the life of the party in one setting and in another he kept passing out food to the hungry with just a little. Yes…that’s your son, but would you give him up?

Imagine you have a son…your only son. Imagine the people that doesn’t know of his greatness, because they don’t believe he IS a part of you. Imagine telling people to tell other people about the coming of your son. How you promised him in the beginning by the error of the first man and that he would be the last. Imagine messenger after messenger telling the people of this son, but instead of praising people were doubting. Imagine them thinking that he would come to take up an army to fight but only taking twelve to teach. Imagine your son doing everything the messengers said he would do not to destroy the law, but hatred blinded YOUR people and they wanted to destroy him. Imagine your son, after feeding, clothing, healing, directing, teaching and loving your creation, being beaten, bloodied, degraded, disrespected, drugged and scorned by your creation. Yes…your only son, would you give him up?

Now, imagine a love so strong. A love that had looked in the transitions of life and said at this time I will have to sacrifice Him. A love that has said, I know they don’t care for Me, I know they have used My Name in vain, I know that I’m offering a Gift and they still will not receive. A love that has returned a many of thanks, but has received only a few. A love that spoke on the sixth day to make a creature to be like Him and said it was “very good”, only to have the “very good” thing say “I don’t need you”. Imagine this type of love, that when turned the other cheek was smacked on it. A love that said, although they screwed up, I will give them another chance…and it will be my Son.

To say that I would give up a son of mine to save some of you all…help me somebody. As my aunt says, “thank God for Jesus”. But God loved us so much, He gave up His Son…the one that was from Him to die for us. Think of the most precious thing you have, now think of the most ruthless, evil, conniving, underhanded, demon-seed (you get the picture) person(s) you know. NOW…would you be able to say, “you know what…I know you don’t love me, you could care less how I live, what I do, and if I will make it. But for YOUR LIFE (or lives…some of you know more than one) I will give up my son”. I know you can’t, but God did. How much does He love His children…a Son’s worth.



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