Monday’s Word-Winning

Monday’s Word
Romans 8:31

31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

Ever had a feeling that you JUST won’t make it through? I mean you have been doing everything right and you still can’t see your way? You have tried and tried but things are not working out. You put your trust in someone that has your business on a billboard and they look at you like it is your fault. You have dug deep in the Word and everyone is giving you encouragement, but it just isn’t sticking to your bones like it used to do. I know some of you are feeling something right now, but it will be okay. You are going to win because you have to.

Right on the heel of the most famous verse quoted in church (all of you know Romans 8:28) comes this gem of a word. Most people close up shop when they read that verse but I believe this verse will take you home. You have to go through some things, you have to endure, you have to take the bad, you have to etc., we know this and we believe this and we quote it backwards and forwards. Then the time comes when the bad gets worse and the enduring gets overbearing and the going through gets to be an extended trip. The shouting we have done now turned into a shuffle because we have lost the moment. It is in those times that we should continue to smile. In those times, we should shout a little harder and understand that we will win because we have to.

I want you to know that even a bed of roses has thorns. Understand that with everything coming against you, there is someone greater on your side. It will not be a happy feeling everyday, but He can bring you happiness. People will talk about you and even your friends will tell lies, but He will always be there for you. It may seem rough right now, but you will win on purpose. You win because you can’t lose. You win because He said so. If God (the Source) be for us (His children), even if someone tries to stand, it will not work.



2 thoughts on “Monday’s Word-Winning

  1. Your blog and post on twitter is a blessing to my devotions. Just like it’s directed especially for me! Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed and winning Wednesday.


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