Tuesday’s Word-Anyone Without Sin

Tuesday’s Word
Anyone Without Sin
John 8:1-11

She has just been caught in the very act of sin
Her accusers were out and now are closing in
They have taken her up and now presented her to Him
Not to condemn her but to see if He would go out on a limb
You see, the law states she should be stoned
But if He went against it, He would be “wrong”

“Master, she was caught”, they said as they brought her near
“She should be condemned,” her face stricken with fear
He stooped to the ground and began to write
But the crowd wanted to know her right
Does she live; what say you? Should we stone her now?
When He heard enough He lifted His brow

“If you have never taken anything that didn’t belong to you
Or if you haven’t dishonored your parents or done anything wrong,
If you haven’t lied to someone or worshipped an idol,
Reach down on the ground and you can cast the first stone”
The crowd began to think of the things they have done
And soon after, the crowd was all gone
“Where are you accusers, did they condemn; throw a stone?”
“No, Master, they are gone; left us here alone”
“Instead of condemning, their own sins they bore
Daughter, go and sin no more.”



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