Tuesday’s Word-Writing on the Wall

Tuesday’s Word
Writing on the Wall
Daniel 5:1, 4-6, 22-31

Show of hands…how many of us have at one point or another, put something ahead of God (Giving some of you time to think)? Now, be honest with yourselves…it’s okay. I know we would like to think that we haven’t…but we have at some point. Let me help you out…have you missed church for another function? What about neglecting Bible Study for a show on TV or a night out with some people? Maybe just the “I don’t feel like going today” but go and wash the car or mow the lawn? Did I get everyone yet? Basically, we all have done it one time or another.

Belshazzar took it a couple of steps further. Here is a second generation king. His father Nebuchadnezzar’s pride was harden that he went crazy (verses 18-21). Now, instead of seeing and understanding what his father went through, Belshazzar took it to another level. He decided to have a party and take material things out of the temple to worship. Not only that, but invited everyone to follow his lead. Please don’t let someone take you down the wrong path. While this is going on, the king sees a hand writing on the wall. I bet you he thought he had too much to drink. To see a human hand…just a hand, write? It scared him so, he didn’t feel or act the same at the party since seeing that. He didn’t know what it meant, his magicians and soothsayers couldn’t comprehend; so he ended up talking with Daniel about the writing. Daniel told him that, his reign as king is over, and that he was a little off on the scales. The things he could have done, he didn’t. Finally, Daniel told him that everything he valued (his kingdom) would be divided up between his enemies.

Points to Remember:
1 Stop praising unworthy things-why put your trust in something that can see, feel, hear, etc. you? God has the whole world in his hands and deserves and demands respect. Exodus 20:3, “Thou shall have no other gods before me” Praise the One that gave you the gifts, not the gifts.

2 Your attitude can predict your outcome– Humble yourself before God. He has given you all that you need. Don’t think you are too high and mighty that you won’t lose it. He wants us to be good stewards over our gifts. God, the giver can be God, the taker…watch your attitude

3 Don’t let judgment come too soon, repent– Don’t let your scale come up wanting. Meaning, do more with what you have. Understand that we are charged to do the will of God. Everyone has a specific task for the upkeep of the kingdom. Don’t get so mighty that He can’t use you. Don’t let your spoils be given to someone else because you were “too good to do that”.

Judgment is coming for us all, one day. Will you be in good standings or will you come up short? Be careful of the hand writing on the wall.



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