Wednesday’s Word-Flawed

Wednesday’s Word
Psalms 139:14-17

I was looking through a page of artist Dawn Robinson (singer with groups En Vogue and Lucy Pearl). In a section of her page, she describes herself among other things as “perfectly flawed”. How many of us look at life in this light? To think that someone that has been all over the world, song in front of thousands and has millions of fans, she would consider herself, not just flawed, but “perfectly” flawed??? Do you all remember the group En Vogue…flawed??? C’mon now…nothing about them were flawed (I’m bringing it back). But there is a deeper understanding in the statement than just the outer man.

We live in an age where we think science and modern medicine can cure or change everything for the good. For our appearance, we use botox and other fillers for certain areas and suctions to take away. Men and women have hair implants and other things to look good. But what things makes us feel good? Everyone has a problem or two which makes us imperfect. Like a diamond, we may be flawed on the top of between the second and third layer, but somewhere we are flawed.

Here the writer is telling us that I am “wonderfully and fearfully made”. No matter what is going on in life, it is your life. Every hair on your head is counted, every thought, word and deed recorded. You are etched in the memory of God from the scar you received on the top of your head to the blue vein you have on your right foot. But you are a wonderfully made person. You are here to serve a purpose. You are going to have some problems, but you are wonder. Things are going to go your way all the time, but you are wonderful. You may not look like you want or think but you have been MADE wonderful. God doesn’t make mistakes.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. We need to understand the meaning of being scared and being fearful. You must be fearful but not scared. Be fearful of Him, but not scared of anything. God has the power and there is nothing that can happen to you unless He gives the permission. Job went through but it was God that gave Satan the okay and said he can go through whatever, just don’t kill him. Yes, some things will be scary to go through but it shouldn’t consume you. We serve a God that can overcome the scary things.

To be perfectly flawed is to understand that even in all of my imperfections, He has chosen me. In my vices, He is keeping me. In my problems, He is solving them. In my damages and failures, He has looked and said, “I got your back”. He has taken my life and said I know you have this problem, but it’s not about you. I want someone to see you and say “if he can do it with his problems, so can I”. Being perfectly flawed is a great thing…even in my “flaw-ness”, He has made us wonder. Trust His plan for your life.



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