Thursday’s Word-For God

Thursday’s Word
For God
John 3:16

“For God so loved…”

Have you ever been in love? I’m not talking about saying that you love but actually BEING in love. What do I mean “in love”; I mean you wake up and go to sleep with that person’s name on your lips. You can’t wait to hear from that person and anticipate the time when you will. Every time you see a text, receive an email, hear that special ringtone, your heart skips a beat. You don’t have to say a word, but just want to hear the person talk kind of love. When that person says they want or need, you are on the case like Sherlock Holmes. When that person crosses your mind, you have the biggest smile on your face; when a person sees you they are thinking that you are thinking of your love. If they don’t feel well, you want to make it all better and even if you have an argument, you still want to be with them.

I know I have lost most of you after the initial question, but I want to let you know that love brought you to the place you are in. I’m not talking puppy love, but real love. You all have heard, “don’t tell me you love me, show me”, well what greater love have we seen than the Father giving us His Son in exchange for our lives? Out of all the things that we have done, all of the things that He despises, all of the things He doesn’t agree with, HE gave up HIS only Son. Before the foundations of the world, He made a substitute to take our place because of the mistake of our father Adam. Imagine if you will giving up your only child for people that don’t love you back, people that can’t stand your name, people that would curse you to your face. Think about giving up your only son to people that really doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, that would beat him, spit on him, and call him a liar. Is there anyone that could handle this? Is there anyone willing? Oh, but if you had that love God had…He didn’t just tell you, but showed you that love makes things happen.

What did His love do? His love made us a way back to Him through His Son. His love provided a plan that even a fool would come to know and understand. His love has stood the test of time in that from the beginning of time He was there to devise a salvation safety net. His love has been with us from day to day by granting new mercies every time we open our eyes and by lying down to sleep. His love anticipates the time you will have for Him. His love smiles at you when you call His name and when you say the things you want and need; it is His love that is on the case for you. When you feel the sun dance its warmth on your face, it is His love that say “I love you so much I want to share this with you”. Even when you don’t feel well, it’s His love that grants you healing and when you don’t agree with Him, it’s His love that gives you forgiveness and can’t stay away. Love gave you a chance to get right when you were dead wrong. Love took you out of the miry clay and love kept you in your right mind when you could have lost your mind. Love sent His Son in the world not to condemn the world but to save the world. Love makes things happen.



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