Wednesday’s Word-Your Biggest Cheerleader

Wednesday’s Word
Your Biggest Cheerleader
I Samuel 30:1-8, 17
Key verse I Sam. 30:6

While riding one day I began to think of things that were going on in this world and thought about a Shirley Caesar song. The song was about a woman who was on the verge of giving up, she said that before she would give up she was going to talk to the Lord. As she began to think and tell the Lord about the different times He had made a way for her, before long she got up and said she was not going to give up. I begin to think about the people that I converse with about life’s situations, about not being where they want to be, not getting along with family or friends, etc., and how I offer words of encouragement. Then I thought to myself, “I encourage a lot of people, but who is encouraging me?” It’s good to have people come to you with concerns or situations about life and it’s even better when you can offer God’s solutions. But when it’s your time to get “the Word”, where are the people you gave it to? Where is your encouragement?

David had been helping his people for a long time. Earlier, he fought and killed Goliath (I Samuel 17:48,49), and defeated the Philistines (I Sam. 23:1-5), among other things. At this time in the passage, David was living with the Philistines (the same people he defeated) in a city called Ziklag, given to him by Achish (I Sam. 27:1-6). When the Philistines were plotting war with the Israelites, they didn’t want their “new found friend”, David, to join them and requested that he not be a part of the war. The Philistines wanted him to leave their camp and return to Ziklag (I Sam. 29). While on the third day of his journey home, the Amalekites invaded the city of Ziklag and burned it down taking all women and children as prisoners (I Sam. 30:1,2). Can you imagine coming home from a long journey to find your city burned down and your family gone? The men had lost everything…EVERYTHING they loved and owned, because of an attack on a defense-less city. The men with David showed three actions usually associated with devastation. The first is weeping. Their wives, children, land, cattle, etc. was gone. They had nothing to come home to…not even a home!!! The men, “wept until they had no more power to weep,” (Sam. 30:4). The second was anger. They were upset that someone had done this, especially, when they were not home, which brings up the third action, blame. The men blamed David for what happened to their homes. “If we were here, we would still have a home, wife, kids, etc.” They blamed David so much that they were talking about killing him (I Sam. 30:6). I can hear David now, “after everything I’ve done for these people, everything I’ve said, they want to kill me. I’ve done this and that, encouraged them but now they want to turn on me?” But after David contemplated with things that were happening around him, the Bible says he “encouraged himself in the Lord his God,” (I Sam. 30:6). ENCOURAGED HIMSELF!!!

David wrote in Psalms 27:14, “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage (that is “be encouraged”), and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” Sometimes, you can’t get an encouraging word from anyone. Everyone wants to give you his or her solution to your problem. But if you be of GOOD COURAGE. If you look to your left and see problems, you then look to your right and see trial and tribulations. You look in front and see this mountain in front to you, and you want to give up. Turn around and take a view of the mountaintop that you’re on. In other words, steal away for some quiet time and meditate on the places you were in and encourage yourself. Think of the situations you were in and encourage yourself. Think of the accidents and the sickness, think of the near misses and encourage yourself. Instead of asking, “Who’s encouraging me?” I will now encourage myself…will join me?



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